On campus art event: Material Witness

IMG_3422 IMG_3439IMG_3486 IMG_3474 IMG_3430

Material witness was an art exhibition at Agnes Scott College in the fall of 2013. This exhibition was composed of art from a collaboration with the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia. I think the contents of this art is reactionary. I say this because I believe that the purpose of the art at this exhibition was to show the viewer what is behind the scenes of their art. For instance, at first glance the basket in the first picture looks like its weaved from black plastic material, and after I stared at the basket for a while I realized the basket was composed of 3-D glasses. I thought the dress in the picture was made from cloth, but I learned from the description of the art it was made of paper. Basically the material was not what I thought it was, and this was surprising. The third picture shows a private setting suggests a certain sadness by the form of the woman bending over, and this might be behind the scenes of a relationship. I found the forth picture very interesting, because at the first glance I thought it was just a house, but when I looked more closely I saw that behind the door was not the inside of the home, but the outdoors. In art class, we have learned how to use material to create certain ideas by relying on formal and literal qualities, which these artists have also done in their work at the material exhibit.


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