Off Campus art event: Flux night 2013


IMG_0343 IMG_0360



For my off campus art event I went to Flux night 2013 in Atlanta on October 5th. The description for the event explained that flux night is a night of art + experimentation. I think the contents of the event’s art content was experimental, because of the different variety of art, there were sound and light installations, art galleries, performances (lantern parades on the street, ballet dancers dancing to no music), and music (bands playing on the street). This variety made the event experimental because there was no common theme among the different art forms. This experimental concept relates directly to what we are doing in class, since we are experimenting every time we work on our different art projects. Every project I find myself having to fight what I know and try to just see without my previous knowledge making my projects more difficult, this learning process is an experiment in itself. I have put my favorite parts of the event above. The first picture on the left is of a  light installation called an inversion of sky and land. This installation would change color and the small rectangular parts would move with the wind. The second and third pictures are from an art collection called Black Curtain by the Dorn Brothers photographers. The second picture is called “The Summoning” and the third is called “Open Doors”. I love these photographs because they are so unique and I definitely see that the photographers have used shadows in their photographs to create an ominous presence of darkness. Unfortunately, wordpress won’t let me upload a video, but I have included a link to a band  performance at Flux here:

 The video doesn’t do this band justice, but I wanted to share anyways since this performance was my favorite part of Flux.




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