The box

IMG_3418 IMG_3487 photo (1) photo

In art class we learned that an artist can create certain values to show the difference between darkness and light. The next step was to show that we understood what we learned about values through our box project. The first thing that I did for this project was drawing a box. I then created a small value scale and labeled the contrast between the different parts of the box according to our scale. When we finished drawing and labeling the box we outlined the lines of the box in sharpie. Next, I created as many different value scales as we could and then pick the value that best represented the contrast between darkness and light. Then I enlarged the value scale and used an x-acto knife to cut out the values I created on top of the photographed copy of the box. Once I finished cutting all my values out, I mounted my box onto a white paper with rubber cement. After that I cut a rough outline of the box and then proceeded to cut a more precise outline of only the box. When I finished cutting I mounted my finished box product onto a black board with rubber cement.

This project helped me learn how to create different values that show the different contrast between light and darkness. This project connects to visual thinking by showing us to really observe the different colors that we see on the same object. During this project I was a little frustrated when I was using the x-acto knife, because sometimes I would veer off from the ruler and I would have to start over. I was very close to running out of copies of my value scale, but in the end everything worked out fine.

Also, I only realized after I mounted my box to the black board that the bottom right and left edges of the box weren’t straight. For some reason when I had the box against the white paper, these edges looked relatively straight to me. Now I realize that while I was probably thinking the ruler was straight on the box, it probably wasn’t. However, I think that these edges actually gives my box an unique flare-like look and makes the box look like it will fly off the page!


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