Visual Analysis of Jessica Burke’s work

IMG_3478 IMG_3482

Jessica Burke drew a women dressed up as Betty Rizzo and the other as Spock. Both of the drawings have soft lives and contrasting values of graphite which makes the drawing very defined.  Additionally the space behind the two painting forces the viewer to focus on the women in costumes.  The fact that the pregnant woman is dressed up as Spock is intriguing, since one does not usually associate Spock with motherhood or femininity.  I think these women in the drawings are challenging masculine roles with their costumes, stances , and expressions.


One thought on “Visual Analysis of Jessica Burke’s work

  1. You say “soft lives”. I assume you mean soft lines. ; )
    (although that is a nice mistake, the media does impart a sense of softness!)

    How does the softness of the media specifically connect to the intrigue of female and Spock or Rizzo?

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